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Most of the kitchens or cabinets we paint are newly custom made. The cabinets would have been primed/sanded/and undercoated prior to delivery to your project. When the cupboards are fitted, then I perform my duties. Normally there is a 10 day waiting period for a benchtop to be templated and fitted.

In that waiting time I prepare all the cupboards by fine sanding, filling and painting the base coats. I also go through paint finishes and colours with you so we have a good idea of what we are going to achieve. All things are considered when choosing the final finish for your cupboards, eg: natural light, floor coverings, benchtops, tiles and splashback.

When all tradespeople are finished, then I come back on site and paint the final coats. For a few reasons, such as, the benchtop always has a different hue in larger slabs depending on which product you choose. Another reason is I need a dust-free / tradesperson-free environment to achieve a high quality finish.


There are so many different finishes I can achieve it is difficult to say how long it takes to complete, but for a standard finish (plain colour) it normally takes around three to four days for an average-size kitchen. A painted effect may take four to six days depending on the complexity.


One of my customers' major issues about paint effects on either furniture or walls is durability. Which is understandable as there is no point having beautiful paint effects if you can't service the effect just completed.

That's where the likes of myself comes into the picture.
Most paint finishes should be protected especially in hard-wearing areas. I have spent a long time researching and developing the process of base coats through to finishing coats. I promise your finished product is very easy to clean and very durable.

Unlike polyurethane my finish does not yellow with age or chip. And if there is an accident it is very easy to touch up my finish.

Another added advantage of painting your cupboards is that it can be repainted in the future in a different colour or finish.
handpainted kitchen