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Q: What is the best showroom to see handpainted kitchens and a handpainted vanity?

A: See the links on Showroom Links page.

Q: Do you guarantee your painting on handpainted kitchens and your decorative paint effects on handpainted furniture.

A: Yes, I do guarantee my painting.

Q: Do you travel outside Sydney to handpaint kitchens and cabinets?

A: Yes! I love to travel!

Q: How much does it cost to handpaint in a marbling paint effect on a fireplace?

A: Usually $350. But it depends on size and suburb.

Q: What is the difference between Special paint effects and Faux painting?

A: There is no difference.

Q: What is a French Provincial paint finish?

A: Usually it’s an Ageing Look where an Antique Washed out appearance on a piece of furniture.

Q: Where can I buy handpainted furniture?

A: Usually an interior designer can guide you.

Q: How can I purchase a handpainted kitchen?

A: Just click on the showroom links.

Q: Where can I see a handpainted French Provincial kitchen?

A: Just click on the links.

Q: How much does a handpainted kitchen in a French Provincial look differ from a Antiqued Finish?

A: Usually very little.



Q: How durable are handpainted kitchens?

A: They are very durable. And they are very easy to clean with just warm soapy water.

Q: How much does it cost to handpaint a kitchen new and old?

A: The average price would be approximately $3,200 + GST but all depends on the amount of cabinets.

Q: How long does it take to achieve a decorative paint effect on an average kitchen?

A: Usually 3-4 days depending on the size.

Q: Can any paint effect be used on a handpainted kitchen or handpainted furniture?

A: Almost every paint effect can be applied.

Q: Where can I purchase a handpainted vanity?

A: Please go to Showroom Links or any kitchen or cabinet maker can supply you with one pre undercoated and then it can be handpainted on site.

Q: How popular are handpainted kitchens and do handpainted kitchens go out of fashion quickly?

A: Handpainted kitchens are very popular and as long as the paint effect is not over the top the handpainted kitchen is ageless.

Q: Can you handpaint a French Provincial look over a poly kitchen?

A: Yes, I can.

Q: Are handpainted kitchens painted on site or a factory?

A: Always on site.

Q: Where can I do a course on handpainted kitchens or decorative paint effects?

A: Go to www.porterspaints.com

Q: Can you have a handpainted kitchen freshened up every couple of years?

A: Yes, I can freshen up any handpainted kitchen for you.